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Craglorn and Other Updates Will Be Included When TESO Launches on Consoles

by on June 18, 2014

When The Elder Scrolls Online finally makes it to consoles, you won’t have to wait around even longer for updates like the Craglorn adventure zone to be added to the console version.

According to a Q&A post on theelderscrollsonline.com, “most (if not all)” of the updates for PC and Mac released between now and console launch will be included on the console versions on day one. Console players are currently sitting out a six month delay from the game’s original June release date, so the news that there wont’ be any additional delays should be welcome.

The Q&A also addressed other questions about the game. Some highlights:

• Zenimax said it is are aware that enchanting takes longer to level than other crafting skills.

“In a future update, we’ll be making some balance tweaks to inspiration for Enchanting to bring its progression rates more in line with the other skills,” the post says.

• The always-present bot problem with addressed, with one player asking what can be done about them. The post outlines a fast way to report them.

“You can easily right-click on a player character name in your chat window and choose the “Report Player” option. When you do, the window below will open.

Press “E” to report a player for chat spam, including spamming gold sales advertisements. This will automatically send a report and does not require you to open and fill out a ticket. Press “R” to report another player for something unrelated to spam. Choosing this option opens the ticket creation page,” the post says.

• Future content updates will include content geared toward solo players.

“We’ll continue to add content in the game for all types of players. We may concentrate in the immediate future on “new” content which is four-player or twelve-player group based, but we will have lots of features coming in which benefit all players, including having more varied activities,” the post says.

Several more questions are asked at answered at the full post.

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