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Craglorn Out Now For ESO

by on May 23, 2014


The Elder Scrolls Online’s first major content update, Craglorn, was released yesterday for PC and Mac.

Craglorn opens up a whole new zone designed for four rank ten or above players, and introduces Trials, tough 12-player adventures with a limited number of resurrections.

Paul Sage, the game’s creative director, told IGN the Craglorn adventure zone is designed to be accessible, but the update also adds two Craglorn trials designed to provide a serious challenge for veteran players.

“Craglorn as a zone is not really a raid because it’s more tuned to a group of four, but our Trials in Craglorn, which we’re shipping with two, the Mage Trial and the Warrior Trial, are both pretty equivalent in a lot of ways to a raid,” he explained. “It’s group-based content, it’s for 12 players, but I think one of the things that’s really different about these is that they offer more repeatability than you’d see in a raid thanks to the time trial aspect. We really like having people compete with one another.

“Craglorn the zone is actually quite a bit more difficult than what’s come before, but not so difficult you can’t do it. I say I’m a slightly above average player and I can go in there, have a good time and finish all of the content. I would say when you get into the trials those are a lot more difficult, you kind of need to be at the top of your game for them. They’re very, very, very difficult.”

In addition to the new content, the update comes with a horde of improvements and bug fixes. You can see all the changes in the full patch notes.

[Source: IGN]

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