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New Cops: Skyrim Runs The Old Raffle Sting

by on May 20, 2014

The beauty of COPS: Skyrim from the Nerdist channel is how close it gets to actual reality cop shows. If you’re a fan of Cops, uh, not Skyrim, or similar shows, these scenarios are instantly familiar, from the standard domestic violence call to the weirdos and perverts.

My favorite in this latest season five episode is the Skyrim version of the old raffle sting. In real life, that’s when the cops call up a bunch of people with outstanding warrants and tell them they won a big prize. They all show up happily to claim their prize, and then they get handcuffed and slapped in jail. The best part is watching their faces fall as they slowly realize there is no prize.

In the Skyrim world, however, things go a bit differently.

If you are new to COPS: Skyrim, check out the full playlist here.

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