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Civilization VI Getting Revised Technology Advancement System

by on May 14, 2016

In Civilization, the research you conduct in order to build your empire is done through a Tech Tree. You choose which advancements you want, and through them, you grow. However, the Tech Tree wouldn’t take into account certain factors, including where you were on the map, and how quickly you learn certain things. With Civilization VI, that won’t be an issue:

“In previous Civs research was up on the side, and it didn’t matter what was going on in the game world. You could kind of move through that tech tree however you felt like in a very independent manner. It was a very passive activity; you could click on the technology you wanted to work toward, and it might be two or three layers deep in that tree, so you wouldn’t have to make another decision for 25 or 30 turns. We wanted to break people out of that,” says Lead Designer Ed Beach told IGN.

Firaxis also revealed a new version of the tech tree called Active Research. Which will allow gamers the ability to advance certain technologies based on what you’re doing each turn, as well as what your world is in regards to your empire. For example, if you’re a seafaring nation next to the water, and you build up lots of navy ships, your nautical advancements will rise faster than in previous games. Likewise, if you are wanting more masonry advancements, but don’t have a lot of resources, you’ll have to adapt in order to get what you desire. Then military advancements will occur by facing barbarians and other units.

“You can research it ahead of time and figure out what your path is, or some people just like to not worry too much about the boosts, but they notice they get nicely rewarded.”

Civilization VI arrives October 21st.

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