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City Districts And Defense To Boost Military Gameplay In Civilization VI

by on May 14, 2016

Civilization gives many paths to victory. From diplomacy, to the Space Race, and more. However, many prefer the simple, and fun, option of building up armies and crushing those around you.

In Civilization VI, as revealed in an interview with IGN, the military aspect will be gaining new features. First, as cities will now be divided into districts that can be built, new strategies will need to be formed in order to take out enemy cities.

“Scouting and approaching an enemy is a very very meaningful activity,” says Lead Designer Ed Beach. “You can see if they have Wonders that they’ve started because they’ll be constructing in front of your eyes right there on the map. You can see if you have two or three cities on the border, which one might be his heavy industry city and which is where his science research is going on.”

Through this, you can attack production plants, cripple supply lines, destroy food storage plants, and more. Whereas at one time you only had to click on a city to overtake it, now it’s a more heavily involved part of the game. This goes double for enemies trying to capture your cities, especially if you have defenses built up:

“An enemy can’t just come in and siege your city, because you’ll be cranking out units at their back. It’s a nice side effect.”

Also, a long requested feature from fans is getting put into the game. As you’ll be able to “link” together a military unit and a civilian unit and have them move together as if they were one unit. This will allow you more freedom of movement, with less fear of getting the civilian killed.

Your new strategies will be formed when Civilization VI arrives October 21st.

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