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Cities Gain New Districts Feature in Civilization VI

by on May 14, 2016

Civilization VI is not only making strides in the art department, but how you view certain things as well. The biggest one is the cities themselves. For now, you’re not only building cities, you’re going to be building districts that allow you certain bonuses, and if used correctly, advancements in technology. This is a huge chance for the game. In an interview with IGN, the team at Firaxis described the district system:

“A science district, which we’ve called a campus, once constructed will allow you to put a library and a university and a research lab out on that tile. And now your city is sort of specialized toward being a really good science city,” says Lead Designer Ed Beach.

There will be 12 types of districts total, with only a handful available at start, and how you use them and where you put them is very important.

“Right out of the gate you’re going to get adjacency bonuses of science by putting a Campus next to mountains or jungle. If you put down a holy site you’re going to want it next to woods to get the bonus there. If you’re on the coast, obviously you’re going to want to build a harbor. But these take up tiles, so eventually you also have to think about feeding your people. You have to make sure you can still build farms and mines, and wonders take up whole tiles as well. You can’t have everything everywhere.”

“Every city is a handcrafted, hex-by-hex layout puzzle,” adds Beach,

This new feature will no doubt lead to many different takes on strategy and how players play the title. Civilization VI arrives October 21st.

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