Doomfist Is Coming To Overwatch

by Todd Blackon April 18, 2017
Of the many characters that have filled the ranks of Overwatch, it’s fair to say that the one many players want to see in the game more than anything else is the one called Doomfist. The villain has been teased in the game a LONG time, and has led to numerous speculation about whether the […]

New Champions Kled and Skaarl Join League of Legends Roster

by Todd Blackon July 31, 2016
League of Legends is always adding new members to their legendary roster, and now, the main site for League of Legends has unveiled a new champion in for the of Kled, “The Cantankerous Cavalier”. Here’s the official description of him and his lizard steed Skaarl: “Noxian soldiers say a lot of things about the murderous […]

New Patch Notes For StarCraft II

by Todd Blackon July 21, 2016
Patch 3.4.0 for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void has been detailed on the StarCraft website. Many changes were made, from the visuals, to the matchmaking programming and more. Below is a section of the patch notes, you can read the full list here. “The StarCraft II Ladder Revamp has arrived. Read on for a list […]

Riot Games Improves Matchmaking In League Of Legends

by Todd Blackon July 21, 2016
Matchmaking in games like League of Legends has to be good, as gamers will not wish to return if it strikes them as glitchy or unfair in the pairings. Riot Game took to their site to update gamers about the update to Dynamic Queue Matchmaking they had promised a few weeks back. “Working together with […]

Riot Games Adjusting Laneswapping Tactic In League Of Legends

by Todd Blackon July 21, 2016
Riot Games is looking to help balance League of Legends ahead of the Worlds event. One of the key areas they’re aiming to fix is the Laneswapping technique that many try to employ in their strategies. Admittedly, they wish they had more time to do this fix, but with the Worlds event coming, they feel […]
final fantasy xiv

Final Fantasy XIV Might Be Coming To XBox One

by Peter Paltridgeon June 17, 2016
It had a rocky beginning, but Final Fantasy XIV has remained steady on Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC since 2013. Now Square’s MMO could be growing further, as rumor has it an XBox version of the game could finally become a possibility. What held up FFXIV’s release on XBox One was the lack of […]

League Of Legends Nerfing Many Champions In Next Patch

by Todd Blackon June 4, 2016
In an attempt to help balance the selection of champions in the pro gaming circuit of Legend of Legends, developer Riot Games has revealed specific changes coming to characters in Patch 6.11. These changes are meant to balance gameplay and allow more diversity to make games more fun and competitive. You can read the full […]

PAX East: Masquerda: Songs And Shadows, New Demo Reveals New Improvements

by Todd Blackon April 23, 2016
Masquerda: Songs and Shadows, has been an RPG that has caught the eye of many. At PAX East, the game brought not only a new demo, but a cinematic trailer to the mix: Furthermore, since its last PAX, the game has improved incredibly, which made all who played it at PAX very happy: “It’s been […]

PAX East: Rock Band 4 Getting Battleborn Characters

by Todd Blackon April 23, 2016
In clearly the weirdest announcement from PAX East so far, the unusual grouping of Battleborn and Rock Band 4 appears to be happening. During a developer presentation, Gearbox promised that the cast of Battleborn will be coming to the popular rhythm game. As characters like Miko and Thorn have been confirmed to be making cameos. […]

PAX East: Battleborn To Have Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs In DLC

by Todd Blackon April 22, 2016
Battleborn may be the next game coming from Gearbox, however, they’re prepared to give players of the game a glimpse of Borderlands 3 via the DLC for the game. This was announced at PAX East via Gearbox’s presentation, where they noted that players are “encouraged” to look for secret Easter Eggs within the Battleborn DLC […]