Action RPGs

Darksiders 3 Coming In August?

by Todd Blackon April 5, 2018
When is Darksiders 3 coming? Could it be soon? Darksiders as a franchise almost died when THQ went under, but THQ Nordic has kept it alive, and as such, Darksiders III is coming. But outside of a few tidbits, there hasn’t been much news or expansion upon what we know. However, a listing in EB […]

Monster Hunter World Details Major Bug Fix

by Todd Blackon March 30, 2018
Will Monster Hunter World fix some of its bug issues? If so, when? Capcom has a major hit this year in Monster Hunter World. It’s already sold over 5 million copies, and more will be sold as time goes on. What’s more, they continue to update the game to ensure that there is content and […]

Monster Hunter: World Brings New Quest Event

by Todd Blackon March 10, 2018
What’s new in Monster Hunter: World? What cool items can I get from them? Monster Hunter: World is the biggest game of the year so far, and it’s well-deserved in that honor. So much so that Capcom is working hard to ensure that players have plenty to do in the game via free updates. But, […]

Is Bayonetta “Killing” Smash Bros?

by Todd Blackon February 23, 2018
What’s this about Bayonetta in Smash Bros 4? Do people not like her? Bayonetta holds an interesting place in Nintendo fanboy and fangirl hearts. She was a character born on a rival console, but then brought to the Wii U for its sequel when said rivals didn’t want to make another one. Players liked her […]

Assassin’s Creed Origins Gets Trailer For New DLC

by Todd Blackon February 23, 2018
What’s next for Assassin’s Creed Origins? Can we get a look at the next content for it? Assassin’s Creed Origins proved that the long-standing franchise still has plenty to offer, and Ubisoft has been making sure that the game has plenty of content for it. And now, it’s given its first look at the gameplay […]

Koei Tecmo Apologizes For Dynasty Warriors 9 Launch On PC

by Todd Blackon February 23, 2018
What the heck happened to Dynasty Warriors 9 on PC? Where is the patch for it? Despite being a highly-anticipated title, Dynasty Warriors 9 didn’t have the launch that developer Koei Tecmo wanted. On the PC especially, it didn’t launch well at all. There were bugs and glitches galore, and the patch that is set […]

Bayonetta Creator Defends Third Title Being On Switch

by Todd Blackon February 16, 2018
Why is Bayonetta 3 only going to be on Nintendo Switch? Couldn’t they have gone multiplatform with it? Bayonetta is a very interesting franchise development wise. Its first title was highly successful on PS3 and Xbox 360. However, neither Microsoft nor Sony would bring a sequel to their systems. So, Nintendo stepped in, and Bayonetta […]

Fans Solve Shadow Of The Colossus Mystery

by Todd Blackon February 9, 2018
Was there anything new added to the PS4 version of Shadow of the Colossus? Where did it lead? Shadow Of The Colossus remains one of gamings greatest triumphs, so much so that Sony had to bring it back to the PS4 via a full-on remaster. Yet, it wasn’t just a remake, there was some new […]

the zodiac age

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Is On PC Now

by Peter Paltridgeon February 1, 2018
When 2006’s Final Fantasy XII was remastered at last on modern consoles, those who preferred the PC wondered: where is their version? The wait didn’t take long….what’s in it? A significant amount of content. PC gamers will get every feature that PS4 and XBox One users are getting, as well as some new ones…. 60fps […]

Diablo III To End Season 12 In February

by Todd Blackon January 27, 2018
What’s the news on Season 12 in Diablo III? How about Season 13? Despite the divisive nature of its fanbase, Diablo III has been going strong with content via its “Seasons”. In fact, Season 12 of the content is going on right now. However, Blizzard has announced that Season 12 will end soon, and has […]