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Bungie Reveals Everything About Destiny 2

by on May 19, 2017

Since the original Destiny has been expanded as far as it can stretch without snapping, Bungie is introducing the long-awaited Destiny 2 this fall. And yesterday they revealed a ton of new information at an event in Los Angeles.

While a lot about Destiny 2 sounds familiar, structurally there are a lot of changes. One of the bigger overhauls is a brand new system called Guided Games that makes Trials, Raids, and the Nightfall available to everyone from the beginning. It pulls this off by giving Clans the option to protect and shelter new players while they brave some of those tougher goals. if you’re short one team member, consider letting someone new in.

You may have to wait to take advantage of this feature. On launch day Destiny 2 will boast just one raid, but being an online game, more will be added in the coming weeks. There is more to do elsewhere: instead of wandering around looking for missions, you’ll be alerted to current activities and be able to begin them immediately no matter where you are. The Bungie developers say they kept three goals in mind while crafting Destiny 2: to make “a world that pulls you in,” to provide “amazing things to do,” and to make sure there is “always someone to play with.”

Destiny 2 will launch this fall on the usual platforms: PS4, XBox One and PC. If you want to play the game on PC, though, you’ll have to wait a bit longer: it’s not scheduled to come out until a few weeks after the console version’s September 8 street date. There’s also this: the game won’t run on Steam or any other established distibution service, but through Blizzard’s Battle.net. If you can put up with those minor inconveniences, you’ll get things the console gamers don’t like an uncapped frame rate, 4K resolution support and the possibility of a panorama display by using two monitors at once. Purty sweet.

Destiny 2 isn’t going to do anything too radically different from Destiny 1 — but what it repeats, it repeats in a slicker and flashier fashion. Want to see it in motion? Here’s Bungie’s gameplay trailer:


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