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Bethesda Endorses Player-Created Trading Solution for TESO

by on April 16, 2014

As you might have noticed, The Elder Scrolls Online has no auction house. But that’s not going to stop players who want to trade, so a fan solution has sprung up.

The fansite TESO Elite has established a marketplace and set of rules for safe trading. Well, safer trading. Nothing is guaranteed in MMO trading. I learned this the hard way, as a young noob, the first time I tried to trade in Everquest 14 years ago and got ripped off.

But the guidelines set up by the fans seem sensible and there’s a promise of community moderation and feedback, so it looks like your best bet. Even the official TESO Twitter account has endorsed it with a tweet.

You can check out the rules for the marketplace here:


[Source: Gamespot]

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