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How To Avoid Pillars of Eternity’s Game-Breaking Bug

by on March 30, 2015

Last Thursday Pillars of Eternity, the great Baldur’s Gate-like overhead action RPG of power, was released for computer gamers of all operating systems to play and enjoy. But…uh, don’t enjoy it TOO much, for the time being.

A game-breaking bug has been discovered in PoE and developer Obsidian Entertainment is working quadruple overtime to get it repaired. Until then, here’s what to do: when you want to equip an item to your character, DO NOT use the double-click method. Drag the item to a slot in your inventory screen instead.

If you use the double-click method, all passive, racial and permanent buffs will be removed, and you can’t get them back — unless you load up an old save and replay the area.

If the bug happens to party members, there’s an easier fix: remove them from your party and then add them back.

A developer recently posted on Obsidian’s forums saying they have a fix, they’re working on making a patch available, and when it DOES become available it should retroactively fix the missing buffs on all afflicted games. So if it’s already happened to you, don’t despair. If it HASN’T yet, play smart until the patch.

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