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Automation and Builder Abilities Altered In Civilization VI

by on May 27, 2016

Much of what is being done in Civilization VI is attributed to making the game better, while also respecting its history. With Civilization VI, the focus is not only on the look, but how the game feels. For example, builders have been modified so that the actions they do happen instantly instead of over the course of many turns. This was done to speed up the game and give players instant satisfaction.

“It’s streamlined the game for us in a really good way,” says Lead Designer Ed Beach to IGN, explaining the thinking behind the change. “You don’t really want to have someone sitting on a tile for six or eight turns and then have them wake up, and you don’t really remember what they were doing.” Additionally, Beach says the limited uses created balance improvements. “Players playing on a high difficulty found that stealing workers from another civ or a city state was a great strategy, because they were around for the rest of the game. With charges, they’re not around long, so it’s not worth it.”

Adding to that, the ability to automate your workers, so they do what they want, has been eliminated. In order to ensure gamers get what they want out of them.

“To some extent, automation is a sign that your game design is weak,” he says. “Hitting the automate button and then not looking at that unit, there are no interesting decisions at all there.”

Civilization VI arrives on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 21st.

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