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Atlus Announces “Cryamore” For 2016

by on September 16, 2015

RPG publisher Atlus has announced a new title for digital release: Cryamore, by the indie development studio NostalgiCO.

Cryamore was brought to life through a Kickstarter campaign in February 2013 that raised $240,000 (out of a $60,000 funding goal). Since then, like most ambitious indie games of its type, it’s had to struggle to stay in production. Atlus’s involvement will assure it stays on track and sees release next year. Gameplay looks to be Mana-esque, which is a good thing. If we don’t get the Seiken remake in the US, we’ll at least get this.

The main reason I knew what this was beforehand is because an artist I follow on Deviantart has been posting art from the game for several years. No context, no explanation as to who the characters are, just constant plugs for a nonexistent game. He’s a great artist, and it’s reflected in Cryamore’s high production value below, but I was beginning to wonder if he’d made the game up.

But it is real, and now that it’s landed a deal with Atlus, it’s real-er than ever. Cryamore should launch during the summer of 2016 on Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, and Xbox One. Until then, you’ll have to guess who the characters are based on what little information you can glean from Robaato’s gallery linked above.

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