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Amazing Shrine of Azura Statue Available for You to Worship

by on April 21, 2014

 Azura Statue

For my money, Azura is the hottest of the Daedric Princes. Okay, okay, Sheogorath has got it going on, too, but that whole quirky clown thing is a little too played out. Too much time with him is like being stuck in a Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp.

So if there was any I would want to own in statue form, it would be Azura. This upcoming statue from Gaming Heads is 18-inches tall, or 1/6 scale, and lovingly detailed by artist Todor Kolev, with attention to making it accurate to Azura’s representation at her shrine in Skyrim.

Azura Statue

Azura’s love doesn’t come cheap, though. The piece is limited to 750 pieces and costs $209.

More at the statue’s product page:


Azura Statue

Azura Statue

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