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E3 2016: Newly Revealed Battle Scene From Final Fantasy XV

by on June 13, 2016

Few people were expecting Final Fantasy XV’s first E3 appearance to be during the Microsoft conference, but that’s what happened. We expect much more of this game to be shown during Sony’s conference later this evening, but for now, enjoy this fight against a giant hand.

This was one of two battles against gargantuan titans shown off during Microsoft’s presentation, the other one belonging to Scalebound (we’ll be getting to that game soon). Despite its scale, this behemoth must not be very strong if it can be taken down by a miniscule Noctis repeatedly stabbing its hand.

As for the context of why this fight is happening, there is none yet. This was all the Final Fantasy XV we got from Microsoft. They wanted to give more exposure to their exclusives, which makes sense. More later from Sony! (We hope.)

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