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E3 2016: New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Reveals Playstation VR Function

by on June 14, 2016

Tonight during Sony’s E3 presentation, Square’s solitary trailer revealed Final Fantasy XV will be compatible with Playstation VR….however, it doesn’t look like they mean the full game. It’s doubtful they would have had time to rewire everything to fit the new device anyway, so they’ve thrown in a few minigames and tasks that can be rendered on the goggles.

Using Playstation VR you can play as Prompto, one of Noctis’s friends, in “Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience,” or what looks to be a special area meant for practice monster battling. We saw more of their mechanic friend Cidney here than we’ve seen in any trailer to date, as if Square was seedily implying “Hey, HERE’S why you want VR! Yowza yowza! Giggity-goo!” Grow up, you guys.

There was plenty of new footage in the new FFXV trailer below: shots of gameplay, shots from the story cinematics, Chocobo riding (set to an EDM version of the classic theme), shots of Noctis’ car turned into a flying machine, and more. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s your chance.

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